Adia the Garden Fairy

Adia the Garden Fairy by Mirabilia

Adia the Garden Fairy
Artwork by Nora Corbett
Design by Mirabilia

After completing my  Midsummer Night’s Fairy, I decided to have a go at Adia the Garden Fairy.  My sister actually started this project as well and never did complete hers.  I wonder if she’ll ever get back to it and finish it off.

I love the bodice of the dress on this fairy.  It’s the cutest thing.  This project didn’t have as much beading as Midsummer Night’s Fairy and I was grateful for that.  I think I’ve had enough practice on adding beads to a project and have become quite adept to it.

Adia the Garden Fairy finished design

Again, during the time I was stitching these, I did not take pictures before the framing.  As a result, the best photo I can get is this…with a flash as reflection.  *sigh*

Close up of the beads and sparkly floss (in the wings)

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