Sleeping Bunnies Birth Sampler

Sleeping Bunnies Birth Sampler by Janlynn

Sleeping Bunnies Birth Sampler
Artwork by Terrie Lee Steinmeyer
Design by Janlynn

I stitched this design on two occasions.  This is the only time that I have ever stitched a design more than once. I typically don’t like to repeat a project, but I thought this design was too cute.  I couldn’t resist.

I originally stitched this design for my ex-boss around 1996 or 1997.  He had just had his first child.  A boy.  The baby’s name was Jack.   Unfortunately, back then, I really wasn’t taking photos of my projects, so I have nothing to show for it.  I seriously regret that now.

I later re-stitched this design for my current co-worker’s first child, Emma.  I stitched a project for his second child, Marcus.  You can check it out here.  You will see that the second time around on this sampler, I didn’t bother stitching all the butterflies.  I left most of them out.  I still think it turned out OK.  Today, I would consider this project an easy (beginner) stitch.  What do you think?

Sleeping Bunnies Birth Sampler finished design

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Bunnies Birth Sampler

  1. This is a good one but I had lots of issues with the faces so I would say experienced beginner but that is just me. I will say I liked it that I too did it twice.

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