Witzy, Boof & Friends Birth Announcement

Witzy, Boof & Friends Birth Announcement by Janlynn

Witzy, Boof & Friends Birth Announcement
Artwork by Suzy Spafford
Design by Janlynn

I stitched this birth announcement for my cousin by request from my aunt.  I don’t normally stitch projects for my cousins, because it would be too many.  But my aunt asked me, and I couldn’t say no.  It’s not that I mind stitching for her, it’s just that if I stitch for one cousin’s child, I should probably stitch for all.  If I did that, I would have to stitch SEVEN more projects.  If I narrow it down to just the babies, I would be stitching for three.  Two are adults and are too old for this kind of thing anyway. Another two are pretty much at the age where they’re too big to receive a birth announcement of some sort.  I probably could stitch something cool like wizards, however.

NOTE:  I have stitched projects for ONE of my cousin’s three kids.  I keep in close, regular contact with cousin and I love to do it for her.  In fact, my current WIP is for her third child.  I’ve stitched for her two other kids (in my early stitching days).  I’ll be posting pics of those in a future post.

Wow.  I went off on a tangent there.  Getting back to the project…I took a couple of progress shots, but for some reason, I’m having a hard time editing them for this page.  The program keeps freezing.  I’m only able to manage editing the final outcome.  So without further ado…

Witzy, Boof & Friends Birth Announcement finished design

Witzy, Boof & Friends Birth Announcement finished design

I wish I had a better shot showing the entire frame. It truly was beautiful. My aunt was gobsmacked when she saw it. She loved it. My cousin was shocked. I guess she wasn’t expecting to receive anything. I hadn’t said anything to anyone about me stitching this up.

I asked my cousin to take a full pic and send it to me a while ago, but I guess she forgot. I understand. She’s busy with the young one. I do have this pic that I took with my BlackBerry right after I picked up the piece from the framer. It still has the protective wrapping around it, but at least you can see the entire frame.

The frame cost me a fortune, and I almost fainted when I got the quote.  I didn’t have much of choice though.  I couldn’t find my regular framer.  He had moved from his shop in the mall, so I went to a place close to home.  The matting, framing, stretching etc. put me $300 in the hole!  Yes.  $300 is no lie.

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