The Runaway (Updated)

This post is an update to my original Runaway post.  I got the project back from the framer and I think it looks fantastic (if I do say so myself).

For the frame, I chose an antique-looking, white frame.  I selected a blue/gray mat for contrast.  I also chose these colours because these are the colours in the baby’s room.  The walls are the blue/gray, and the furniture is white.

 I love how it turned out.  For my little niece.  Her smile brings happiness to my day!

A close-up of the top right corner. Shows detail in frame.

Picture showing entire frame (or at least we tried). We couldn’t quite get the whole frame in the shot because of the size, but you get the idea.

I’ve asked for a photo of the project against the wall and I’ll add it to this post as soon as I get it.


Received my updated photo.  Here’s what it looks like against the wall.

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