Puddles of Love

Puddles of Love by Gorjuss (Santoro London)

Puddles of Love
Artwork by Santoro London
Design by Bothy Threads

I guess you can consider this a type of guest post, but not really.  This cross-stitch project was recently completed by my twelve-year-old daughter.   There are a few hiccups, but I think she did pretty well for her second cross-stitch project ever.  Her first project was a small, beginner project. I’ll save that for another post.

Puddles of Love finished design

I recall how diligently she worked on this; spending hours of stitching time after school.  I’d get home from work and see that she made incredible progress.  She’s well on her way to picking up this craft.

Her project is currently in for framing.  I dropped hers off when I picked up my niece’s project.  We chose a pink frame with double matting.  The larger, more visible mat is blue and the smaller “filler” mat is the same pink as the frame.  I will be updating this post once I have it.

Surprisingly, the cost for framing was very satisfactory.  Total cost for frame, mats, non-glare glass, stretching, labour, and taxes is $67.13.


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