Mirabilia (Pixie Couture Collection)

As if I didn’t have enough on my wish list, I decided to add a few more projects for the sole purpose of driving myself insane.  Once my muse collection is stitched up, I’d like to stitch the Pixie Couture Collection.  Because this collection has quite a few designs, and I’d like to stitch them all, I will only list the ones that I would like to complete first.


I just realized that four of the pixies face left while one faces right.  Hmm…I might have to go back and reevaluate my selection.  I might have to balance it out a bit with more right-facing pixies.

Thanks again to http://www.thutmosis.net/for preparing the handy-dandy Mirabilia design list.


2 thoughts on “Mirabilia (Pixie Couture Collection)

    • Agreed. I just don’t how I’m going to get through them all. I can’t wait though. I think they’re going to look fabulous once framed and hung on the wall as a collection.

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