Fabric Stash

In a previous post, I mentioned that my best friend and I met up with a fellow stitcher’s house to get to know each other and rifle through her stash.  I also mentioned that she was ridiculously generous in giving away some of her supplies.  I managed to score some awesome higher-count hand-dyed fabric.  She mentioned that she doesn’t typically stitch on high-count fabric and that I was more than welcome to help myself.

I adopted the following from her fabric stash:

Hand-Dyed Fabric Stash

The three fabrics on the left are smaller in size, so those will be ideal for small projects.  The two on the right are larger in size.  I will probably stitch Mirabilia’s Bluebell on the “Enchantment” fabric (bottom right).

Silkweaver, 28-count, Strawberry Milkshake

Silkweaver, 28-count Lugana, Treasure Trove

Silkweaver, 28-count Opalescent Lugana, Jubilation

Silkweaver, 32-count Jobelan, Enchantment

Silkweaver, 32-count Jobelan

Thanks again to Maria for being generous.  She emailed me to tell me I forgot my “sweet pea” fabric behind.  I’ll have to make a stop at her house to pick it up.


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