January’s Garnet Fairy (Update)

Progress, progress, progress.  Wow.  I feel like I made amazing progress this weekend despite having to attend a baby shower.  Once I got home from the shower at 5 p.m., I tackled finishing up the wings.  I didn’t intend to complete the back stitching on the wings, but I figured since I had finished stitching them, I might as well complete them in its entirety.

I stayed up a little bit later than I normally do on a Sunday evening, because I was close to completing it.  I was determined to do it.  Here’s what my project looks like at the end of my productive weekend:

Day 37

Over the next couple of days, I will be focusing on getting her arms, neck, and head stitched up.  Once that’s done, I will complete the back stitching.  Then, I will scan my project and chart for any little stitches I may have missed.

I am debating washing this piece before I begin the beading.  I’ve read on other cross-stitch sites that the colour on the Caron Waterlily floss runs quite a bit. In some cases, it’s ruined the project.  I would hate to see the red floss run and ruin my piece.  It’s not dirty as I’ve been washing my hands quiet regularly.  I think I may just iron it this time around (I’ve always washed and ironed) and start the beading.

What do you do?  Have you always washed and ironed?  Have you ever skipped the washing stage?

As always, you can see my project grow here.  I keep it updated as I make progress.


6 thoughts on “January’s Garnet Fairy (Update)

    • Funny you should mention. My plans are to stitch her head last. I’m going to take a pic of everything done. Then I’m going to photo shop people’s heads onto her body. LMAO!

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