Let the Beading Begin

I’m making great progress on the beading.  To be honest, I was dreading the process somewhat, but I seem to be adding the beads at an “acceptable” pace.

Also, I’m really liking the colour of the orange and red beads.  They are so vibrant.  The pictures really don’t do the beads justice.

Here’s a look at the beading so far.

beads1 beads2 beads3 beads4

In the past, my beads were stitched on a slant because that’s the way I taught myself how to anchor them. Recently, I came across a question posted on a Facebook page about adding beads, and I learned that if you anchor the bead with an “x” stitch, such as you would a typical cross-stitch, your bead will sit straight up and down as opposed to slanted.

In my case, I’m finding that to be true.  Most of my beads are aligned upright; however, there are a few that are tilted because the bead is slightly larger than the empty space offered.  In any event, I still think it looks good.  This project is a gift for my cousin and I’m anxious to get it done, so I can start stitching projects for myself (it’s been a while).  My next project is the Bluebell SAL and I want to make her as beautiful as I can. I will be paying a lot of attention to the stitching evenness and bead placement.


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