Let the Heavens Rejoice

Let the Heavens Rejoice by Precious Moments

Let the Heavens Rejoice
Artwork by Precious Moments
Design by Gloria & Pat

I haven’t spoken much about the Sandy Hook elementary shooting because it’s just too tragic to even comprehend.  I did however, decide to join a Facebook group of cross stitchers that have banded together to stitch in hopes of easing the pain of the affected families.

Each stitcher has committed to stitching a specific number of squares to later be made into a quilt.  The rules are simple:

  • Material is to be 14-ct Aida
  • Colours should be cream, white, or pastels (dark colours should be avoided)
  • Quilt square overall size should be 10×10 or 12×12
  • Stitching should be 7×7 or 9×9

Finished quilt squares will be mailed to a P.O. box where they will be collected and sewn into a quilt.

There is a sign-up page for each student as well as a page for each adult (teacher, social worker, principal) that was affected.  Some stitchers have signed up for all kids, but I opted to sign up for only two.  A boy and a girl.  I didn’t want to promise something I couldn’t deliver.  There is also a sign-up page for a wall school hanging.

For the boy, I chose Chase.  At the time of sign-up, there was no picture floating around on the internet, so I didn’t even know what he looked like.  It was when I finished my project that I went online to see if I could see who I was stitching in memory of.

It should probably be no surprise that the hair colouring was bang on.  God works in mysterious ways.


Let the Heavens Rejoice Finished Design

I managed to stitch this up in five days.  Thanks goodness for Christmas break.  I hunkered down on this project and stitched away.  Not only did I finish this, I started on my girl angel as well.  There will be a separate post for that once it’s completed.


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