Stitching Bloggers’ Blog Hop (#15)

Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop

Eventually there comes a time when you’re not feeling well, whether it’s the flu or a cold or something else entirely. The question is, do you manage any stitching when you’re under the weather or does it just have to wait for better days?

It’s funny that this question should come up as I haven’t been feeling well as of late.  I’ve been suffering from, what the doctor thinks, is vertigo.  She is scheduling me in for an appointment with the ears, nose, and throat specialist.

During my bout with vertigo, I have been able to keep up with my stitching as I only get dizzy when I bend over or when I’m lying down and turn sides.  I’m perfectly OK as long as I’m upright.

When I’m sick with a cold, or headache, or just downright “blah”, I give myself time to rest; however, stitching is never far from my mind, and I’m always thinking that I’m missing out on stitching time.  🙂

You’ll have to forgive me in that I can’t figure out how to add the Blog Hop Blog Roll directly in my post.  I’d like to make it easier to jump from one blog to the other by simply clicking on the participants’ links.  Can anyone help me out?

Visit all the blogs in this round of the Stitching the Night Away Stitching Blogger Blog Hop:
Find the instructions on how to participate in this round by clicking here.


6 thoughts on “Stitching Bloggers’ Blog Hop (#15)

  1. Ugh, vertigo is no fun at all. I hope they find the cause of your issue and get it all fixed up soon.

    For the blog hop widget, you should be able to paste it in the HTML editor part of your blog post entry but lately it seems that a few people on Blogger and seem to have trouble with it. I’m not sure if it’s a blog theme issue or something else.

    • OK. It must be a theme thing then b/c I copied and pasted the link over and over again in the HTML screen, etc. and it just wouldn’t take. It accepts the beginning and the end of the code, but for some reason, deleted the ‘simply link’ portion of the code.

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