February IHSW

This is my fourth edition of the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend.  To get the full details, click here.

Line Art by Heidi Brass
Color Art by Andi Whitmer

I can’t believe we’re into the third weekend of  February already.  I realize I said the same thing last month, but geez.  These IHSW posts really call it to attention.

This weekend was looking up to be a non-productive weekend.  I needed one Kreinik colour to complete my Bluebell. I had ordered it from 123stitch one week prior, but it still hadn’t arrived in the mail by the time Friday rolled around.

My luck turned around when my friend, Maria, mentioned she was planning a trip to a cross-stitch store she had been dying to visit, The Enchanted Needle.  She picked up the Kreinik for me and dropped it off at my house Saturday evening.  In a snow storm, no less.  Thank you so much, Maria.  I really appreciate the effort you put into it for me.  Check out Maria’s blog and see what she’s been up to.  She really is a sweetheart.

This weekend happened to be a long weekend, and I was able to finish my Bluebell project.  I stitched the remainder of the cross stitch sections (wings) Saturday night.  I completed the back stitching on Sunday, and I was able to finish all the beading on Monday.

Here’s the finished project.  You can see some close up shots of Bluebell here.

Bluebell finished design

Bluebell finished design

Hopefully, I will have a new project to feature for the next IHSW.  That is, assuming my package ever arrives.


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