Christmas Flourishes (Update 1)

Ho hum.  I’m still waiting for my package from 123Stitch so that I can start my Waterlily.  Today makes exactly two weeks since it’s been shipped out.  I checked the tracking and it shows as “being processed at the sort facility”.  This status hasn’t changed in over a week.  Not sure what’s going on there, but I am getting a tad miffed.  I want to start my project already!

I’ve been taking the time to rest and recuperate, since I haven’t been feeling very well as of late. I left work early on Friday, drove home, and went straight to bed.  I had the chills and my body hurt.  Plus I managed to get yet another migraine.  I seem to be on a roll.

I felt better on Saturday, and I’m grateful for that because it was time for another bitch ‘n stitch over at Maria’s house.  I love going over there.  We chat for hours non stop.  It’s a wonder we get any kind of stitching time in at all.  We also headed into Maria’s stash room to check out her latest acquisitions.   I love looking through her things.  She always manages to find the neatest gadgets.

When we finally decided to start stitching, I picked up Christmas Flourishes (after having set her aside over and over again to complete other projects).  It’s been a good three or four years since I’ve done anything with her.

This night, I didn’t get much done, but I did manage to tackle some of the back stitching on her shoulders, around her face, and her hand (which looks like a crab claw, by the way).  I also managed to give her some eyebrows.   Tonight, I’d like to settle down and finish the back stitching on her hand, back stitch her lips, and finish the curvy vines as well.  If there’s time, I will be frogging the beads that I’ve already added.  I don’t like the way they sit and I don’t think they’re secure enough.

Started back stitching shoulders, face, nose, and added eyebrows.

Started back stitching shoulders, face, nose, and added eyebrows.

Looking at this picture…I can really spot some inconsistencies.  I don’t like how some of my stitches lie and I’m not impressed with some of the coverage.  I think I might be frogging some stitches, in addition to the beads, and re-stitching certain areas.  Thank goodness I’m so much better at it now.  Also, the blank spots you see will be filled in with beads.

crab claw

crab claw

Hmm…Creating this post and looking at these pictures is making me want to pick her up again and start working.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Flourishes (Update 1)

  1. Hi I have christmas flourishes hanging in my lounge she was my first big Mirabilia with beads and is still one of my favourites. I have been waiting for nearly a month for a stash i ordered from my friend Amanda for the The stitch Menagerie normally anything she sends is here exactly a week from when she sends it but it is now nearly a month and we aren’t sure where the item has got to it is Shakespeares fairies and all the beads which is quite an expensive one. Keep going on christmas flourishes you will love her when she is completed.

    • Oh no. A whole month. I certainly hope it’s not lost. I really is disappointing to not receive a package you’re so anxiously awaiting. Let me know when it turns up.

      I started CF a long time ago and for some reason, I can’t stop putting her off despite her being so gorgeous.

    • Thank you. I’ve taken her out a couple of times in between projects and I’m really finding the motivation to finish her. I think it’s a combination of the fabric (a rough linen) and my stitching, believe it or not. I’m not liking the tension on a lot of my stitches. I’m actually debating re-stitching it.

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