Why, oh why…

…are you taking so long?  What could customs possibly be doing with a chart and floss?  I want to start my pixie already!  Eight days in customs seems a bit extreme, don’t you think?


Tracking Info

Tracking Info


2 thoughts on “Why, oh why…

  1. Hi! Nice blog! Came over from mine at stitchnkey. I know what you mean about customs. It usually takes 2 weeks from USA to my place in Canada. But I still order from 123stitch as they have good prices and what I need and want mostly! Hope you rec’d this already.

    • Hi Anne. Thanks for you comment. I had visited your site. I left a comment re: how cute the Tatty Teddy was and how tedious the back stitch was. In the end, it’s worth it though.

      Sadly, I have not yet received my package. I’m preparing to kit up my next couple of projects, so I can start something while this one sits in limbo.

      I have a friend that is starting her own cross-stitch supplies distribution, and I’ll be ordering with her from now on. Now, I know I’ll get my stuff, no question. 🙂

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