Mickey’s Carousel

Mickey’s Carousel by Leisure Arts

My Early Works (1)

Another day, another missed delivery opportunity. Sadly, there has been no change to my shipment delivery.  Still floating in the world of customs.  *sigh*

In a quest to keep content running on this blog, I came up with the brilliant idea of posting some of my earlier works, which was mostly Disney related.

The first project I’m featuring is Mickey’s Carousel.  I stitched this project for my own children.  I think it’s adorable.  I framed it myself complete with my attempt at lacing the back.  I didn’t like the way it was sitting.  I don’t think I pulled it tight enough, so I took my glass and frame and had it professionally mounted.

The frame wasn’t the greatest of frames.  It was a simple black, plastic-type frame. It was nothing like the quality I use now.   In hindsight that was a good thing, because it somehow fell off the wall shattering the glass and breaking the frame.  I never got it re-framed.

Now it sits in my cross-stitch box–folded and pitiful.  I’m debating selling this.  My kids are too old for this now.

OLD-Mickey's Carousel

Mickey’s Carousel by Janlynn

OLD-Mickey's Carousel1

Mickey’s Carousel finished design

OLD-Mickey's Carousel2

Close up of Mickey and Minnie

OLD-Mickey's Carousel3

Close-up of Goofy

OLD-Mickey's Carousel4

Close up Daffy and Pluto

Unfortunately, the last photo’s a bit blurry, but you get the idea.  I think I was getting better at cross-stitching at this point.  The project looks pretty clean to me.

4 thoughts on “Mickey’s Carousel

    • I was tiding up my box after having pulled everything out for the blog, and I decided that I was going to keep it. It’s too cute to pull away, and I’m regretting getting rid of the others. If memory serves correctly, I think I gave some to my friend Tina, who loves my cross-stitch projects. I’ll have to send her an email to find out for sure.

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