Forever Friends

Friends Forever (Learn a Craft) By Dimensions

Other than needlepoint and cross-stitch, I’ve only tried embroidery once.  I liked it.  I think my first attempt came out rather nicely.  What do you think?


Learn-a-Craft by Dimensions

I picked up this quick stitch at a craft store years ago.  If I’m not mistaken, I purchased it t LewisCraft.  Ahh…memories of LewisCraft.  I used to frequent this store long before I knew about Michael’s.  Sadly, they closed down.

finished design

Forever Friends finished design

Close-up of finished design

Close-up of Forever Friends finished design

This project isn’t framed (or mounted) professionally.  It’s just sitting in a hoop in my cross-stitch box.  If I had it framed or “finished”, I’d be pulling it a bit tighter so that there was no rippling in the fabric.

Looking at this picture makes me want to attempt another project.  I will have to search the patterns.  I’m sure there’s a lot more selection now than there ever was.


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