Bluebell (Updated)

I’m so happy to be sharing this project on my blog.  As you know, I picked up three projects from the framer’s over the weekend.  I am so, so happy with the way the final Bluebell project turned out.

I am stitching a couple of pixie projects and the plan is to showcase them all on the same wall.  Because my fabric and fairies vary in colour, I decided to use a neutral frame and mat that would compliment them all.  I didn’t want to use a coloured inlay mat, because I didn’t want too much competition in terms of colour taking away from the design itself.  I opted for the subdued look.  I am very happy that I went with my gut decision (I knew what I wanted going into the framer’s).

Without further ado, here is my beautiful Bluebell, 100% complete.

Bluebell finished, framed design

Bluebell finished, framed design

Close up of frame

Close up of frame

Total cost for mats, frame, non-glare glass, and labour is $218.54 (including taxes).  Of course, I would have preferred a cheaper price, but I think the end result is well worth the cost.  Also, my framer is, by far, the cheapest I’ve been able to find.  He also does a great job, which is why I’ve stuck with him for so long.  I surely would have paid double had I gone somewhere else.


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