Rhythm (Muse) Progress No. 1

If you guessed that Rhythm was my next project, you were correct.  I’m taking a bit of a detour from stitching the pixie collection, because I happened to have the Muse charts that I ordered from Cross Stitch Expressions.  I need to order two more of the planned pixies (Holly and Poppy) as well as an unplanned pixie (undetermined).  I’ll explain in a later post why I have to add another project.

Now, on to Rhythm.  By glancing at the chart, I could tell that this was going to be an even quicker stitch than the pixie projects because of the minimal confetti stitches and large blocks of colour stitching.  I worked on my project  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Here’s my progress so far:

I am stitching her on Silkweaver’s, hand-dyed, “Enchantment”, 32-ct Jobelan, 2 over 2.

Unfortunately, I made a mistake on her leg, so I had to frog about 10 rows of stitches. I’m hoping to re-stitch that block during my lunch hour.  The frogging was as much as I did yesterday.  I had a training session in the morning and I spent most of the afternoon food prepping for the week.  By the time I settled down, I was too tired to do anything else.


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