Rhythm (Muse) Progress No. 2

After my brief (one day) break from stitching, I picked up my needle and started stitching away.  I even took my stitching with me while my daughter was in class training.  Is it bad that I was hoping there was minimal chatter amongst the parents so that I could quietly stitch away and make up for lost time?

I managed to make good time on my stitching.  Here’s my progress since the last post:

I seem to be speeding through this project.  I have a couple of items such as Caron Waterlily, Crescent Colours, and a few bead packs on order.  I hope I get those before I get to the area(s) where they will be needed.  Obviously, I’ll stitch around those areas as much as I can.

If worse comes to worse, I’ll start stitching my next Muse fairy.  I’m still waiting for my hand-dyed fabrics to be delivered, however.  I hope that I don’t have a period where I can’t stitch because I don’t have fabric, specialty threads, and beads.

I still haven’t decided on a fabric for Harmony. I would appreciate some input on what fabric colour you think works best.  Please leave a comment with your preference.



2 thoughts on “Rhythm (Muse) Progress No. 2

  1. Green or blue color are great —in the blue one she looks like shes dancing in the spotlight. So although I always lean toward green–I’m liking the blue!

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