April IHSW

This is my fifth edition of the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend.  To get the full details, click here.

Line Art by Heidi Brass
Color Art by Andi Whitmer

I missed the last edition (March) because I completely forgot about it.  By the time I remembered and went to sign up, the sign-up process was closed.  That’s OK.  I remembered this month!

I didn’t get as much stitching done this weekend as I would have liked.  We decided to repaint the whole house and got started immediately.  Painting the house turned into furniture relocation, hanging cross-stitch projects, and relocating my grandmother’s embroidery, which she gifted to me when I got married.

We’re not finished painting.  We’re planning to do some more this weekend (scheduled around the craft show, of course).

Whatever I managed to stitch was done Friday evening in between loads of laundry.  Here’s the area that I worked on:



On the bright side of painting and furniture relocation, my Bluebell and Water Lily now have a permanent home.

Bluebell & Water Lily mounted on wall.

Bluebell & Water Lily mounted on wall.

The walls are actually darker than they show in the picture, so there’s a nice contrast.  I love how these turned out and I can’t wait to pick up my Tigerlily from the framer’s this weekend so that I can add to my “pixie wall”.

My grandmother’s embroidery gift was moved from this wall (this was supposed to be a temporary location):

temporary location

As you can see, the embroidery piece takes up the whole wall.  Also, the bottom portion of it was cut off b/c of the cabinet.

To its intended wall:

This wall is way too big to be bare.

This wall is way too big to be bare.

A designer suggested I move this piece to this wall.  Hubby doesn’t trust it here.  I like it.  This wall is way too big to be bare.  It definitely needed something, and I think this certainly adds drama to an otherwise bare wall.


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