Creativ Festival

On Saturday, Maria, Nelly, and I attended the Creativ Festival Show.  We were all excited about the trip and looking forward to what goodies we were going to pick up.  I withdrew $80 in preparation for what I might have walked away with.  I was keeping an eye for some fantastic fabric finds.  Sadly, I didn’t find anything that I could justify buying.

There was one booth at the very beginning of our trip that offered hand-dyed fabrics, but none were the colour I was looking for in order to complete my line up of projects.  Although the fabrics were cute, the price was a bit more than I was comfortable paying.  For example, a small piece of hand-dyed fabric was $19 or $18 if you bought three or more.  If I can buy great fabrics from Stephanie for about $11/piece, I’m not about to buy a smaller one for $19.

We strolled around the rest of the venue.  Sadly, there were really only three or four cross-stitch related booths.  The majority of the booths were either quilting fabric and quilts, ridiculously-priced sewing machines, and scrap booking supplies.

I did manage to pick up two patterns that caught my eye.  This seller had all her patterns on display…stitched and framed.  I purchased two charts.  One for $6 and one for $8.  The front of the chart really does not do the final product justice.

The $6 chart was Mardi Gras Welcome.  I couldn’t resist the bright green, orange, and pink.  This is a fun design and something I don’t typically stitch.  Heck.  I don’t even know what I’d do with the finished piece, but I thought it was the cutest thing.  The mask is embellished with beads.

Mardi Gras Welcome

Mardi Gras Welcome

The $8 chart is Winter by the Garden Gate.  I’ve never stitched a Christmas themed design other than my UFO Christmas Flourishes (which I will get to eventually…I promise).  You can’t tell in this picture at all, but there is sparkly Kreinik in the design, which really pops in “person”.  Can’t wait to stitch this up.  I think it’s adorable.

Winter by the Garden Gate

Winter by the Garden Gate

Oh, back to the fabric topic.  There was one other booth that sold fabrics.  I saw an amazing piece and ready to buy it until I looked at the price.  It was $45.  I nearly had a coronary.  I put it back.  That was a definite no-no.

Sadly, Nelly walked away with nothing and Maria found a couple of items (some books and a couple of charts).  Hopefully, there will be a better cross-stitch selection next year.


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