Harmony (Muse) Progress No. 1

As you can see, I’ve started my next Muse fairy.  I don’t typically jump from one project to another before completion, but I am waiting for some beads to be shipped to me before I can complete Rhythm.  I’m almost done stitching her.  I just need to add the beads that I’m waiting for, to her wings.

In the meantime, I’ve moved onto the next Muse, Harmony.  Harmony is proving to be a bit of an annoyance.  There are a few errors in the chart as follows:

  1. There is a ♥ symbol in her dress.  There is no ♥ symbol in the code/colour key.  My strategy was to work around the ♥ and, by process of elimination, figure out what DMC floss was not yet used.
  2. In the code/colour key, the • symbol specifies DMC 3831.  Turns out, this is the colour for the ♥ symbol.
  3. In the code/colour key, one symbol is used twice and references two different colours. Looks like one of the duplicated symbols should be the • symbol and refer to DMC 3824.

As a result of error number 2, I had to frog out this entire area:

I had to frog DMC 3831 (in the green circle).

I had to frog DMC 3831 (in the green circle).

The blank areas to the immediate right are where this colour should be (♥ DMC 3831). That means that the red that I had to frog, will be re-stitched with DMC 3824.

In any event, here’s where I left my project as of yesterday:

I am stitching her on Silkweaver’s, hand-dyed, 28-ct Cashel linen, 2 over 2.  I must admit, after having stitched on Jobelan for my last couple of projects, I’m not enjoying stitching on linen.  I much prefer the evenness and softness of Jobelan.

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