Lyrical (Muse) Progress No. 1

I started my next Muse, Lyrical, while I waited for my shipment to arrive, which by the way, happened to come in.  I picked up my package last night from Cross Stitch Expressions.  I can finally finish my Rhythm and Harmony by adding the beads.  Yay!  I was getting antsy having unfinished projects lying around.  Stayed tuned for end-of-project close-up photos.

In the meantime, I’ve stitched the following:

I am stitching Lyrical on Hand-Dyed Fabric by Stephanie, hand-dyed, “Storm” 32-ct Jobelan, 2 over 2.

I am in absolute love with this fabric.  The colour truly does resemble a storm sky.  It’s the perfect shading of blue and gray.  I also love that I’m stitching on Jobelan again.  I much prefer this over linen.  In fact, I think Jobelan has spoiled me for any other fabrics.

I am going to set this project aside, so I can complete the beading on Rhythm first and then Harmony.  My goal is to finish those two projects this weekend.  I am also going to kit up my next pixie project.  I hate to throw her into the mix while I’m working on Lyrical, but as I mentioned before, my framer has per-ordered the frame I’m using for the pixies, and I don’t want him to think I bailed on him.  😉


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