Harmony (Muse) Progress No. 4

Since my last update, I managed to finish all the beading on Rhythm.  It took a little bit longer than I thought it was going to take.  I foolishly thought I’d have both projects beaded by Sunday evening.  Not so.  Once I finished beading Rhythm, I immediately began beading Harmony after I ironed out the kinks in the fabric.

I also managed to stab myself with my scissors.  The scissor fell in between the armrest and the love seat cushion.  I reached in to grab it not realizing the pointy tip was facing up.  I punctured myself enough to warrant the use of a band aid.

I beaded the curly vines, the bodice, some of the wings, and some of the beads on the lower part of the dress.

I substituted the orange Kreinik in her wings.  It called for a coppery colour, but I didn’t have it, and I didn’t want to run back to the LNS for one item.  I did however, have four spools of a very similar colour (copper like), and I decided to use that instead.  I think it turned out alright.

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