Rhythm (Updated)

I picked up Rhythm from the framer’s over the weekend.  Overall, I’m very pleased with the way she turned out.  I think my framer did a great job.

Rhythm finished, framed design

Rhythm finished, framed design

Here’s a close up of the frame, mat, and fillet.

Close up of frame

Close up of frame

Total cost for mat, fillet, frame, non-glare glass, and labour is $96.05 (including taxes).

Choosing a frame was difficult for me this time around.  I knew that I wanted the gold fillet, so that wasn’t a problem; however, there were so many gold frames to choose from.  I wanted the frame to be pretty and affordable since I’ll be framing five of these in total.

I also wanted the frame I chose to complement all five of the Muse patterns.  I had it narrowed down to four options and finally settled on this one.

I will be showcasing the Muse collection on the same wall, similar to what I’m doing with my pixie collection.

I left Harmony for framing and will be picking her up this weekend.  At least, I hope it’s ready this weekend.  When I left Rhythm behind for framing, I told the framer to order materials for the Harmony piece, since it was just stitches away from being completed.


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