Evening Primrose Progress No. 1

I love starting new projects.  I’m working this project in along with the beading of Lyrical, since I can’t really bead in certain locations like, let’s say, the hospital.  I had an appointment the other day, and I had to stick around for the blood-test results to come in, so I started this project while in the waiting room.  There was no way I could work on the beading while there for lack of convenient set up and for fear of my beads falling all over the floor.  In this case, straight stitching just makes sense.

I decided to continue with the fourth of my pixie-wall project.  I would have liked to continue with the Muse collection (because they are smaller and finish faster), but my framer pre-ordered the mats and frames for this project, and I don’t want him to think I’m not coming back.

As the title states, this project is Evening Primrose.  I am stitching her 2 over 2 on a piece of 28-ct Lugana, hand-dyed fabric, Wyvern Wing, from Sugar Maple Fabrics that Maria from Cross-Stitch Expressions so graciously gave me.  Like the fabric I used for Rhythm, I believe this fabric compliments this project perfectly.

Here’s my project after three days.  I only have two photos, however.  I forgot to take a picture after Day 1.


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