Evening Primrose Progress No. 2

I’ve made some pretty good progress since my last post.  I worked on it a bit every evening (once the dinner-time chaos settled down).  I was hoping to make a dent in it this past weekend, but that didn’t happen.  There were too many things to get done before school started.

In any event, here’s what I’ve done during the evenings since the last post.

I submitted Lyrical for framing. Can’t wait to get her back and add to the “Muse” wall.


2 thoughts on “Evening Primrose Progress No. 2

    • Thank you. I’m enjoying her as well. I have to admit though, judging by the original photo posted on the websites, I thought her dress would be more to the purple side of things. Turns out, she’s more a blue shade. I chose the purple fabric based on the purple-looking picture, but I think she’ll turn out okay regardless.

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