Evening Primrose Progress No. 3

I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made on Evening Primrose.  I managed to finish all the stitching and back stitching.  I even managed to start beading.  In fact, I beaded for the greater part of yesterday.  I just hunkered down and beaded the afternoon away.

I’d like to continue my beading during the evenings this week as much as I can.  I am missing one bead pack, however.  Cross Stitch Expressions didn’t have the one I needed in stock.  I have to put a call into Gitta’s to see if they have it.

Here’s my progress.  Everything stitched minus the beads.

My framer left me a message letting me know that Lyrical was ready for pick up.  I was hoping to drop Evening Primrose during the Lyrical pick up, but if I can’t get those beads this week, it’s very unlikely that that will happen.  I may have to make an extra trip.

I’ll be working in my next project, Poppy.  There will be days that I can’t bead, because I can’t take Evening Primrose with me to my daughter’s Tae Kwon Do training for fear of spilling the beads.  I’ve got all the threads and fabric for Poppy, so I’m pretty much ready to go.


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