Lyrical (Updated)

Picked up Lyrical from the framer’s this weekend.  I’m so happy with the outcome.  I have no complaints about the service I’m getting from him. Of course, I am giving him lots of business with all my projects this year, so I would expect nothing but the best.  😉

Here’s Lyrical all framed.

Lyrical finished, framed design

Lyrical finished, framed design

And this is my Muse fairy wall. Growing slowly, but surely.

Muse wall

Muse wall in progress.  Rhythm, Harmony, and Lyrical

I took the photo at a bit of an angle to avoid the flash and glare as much as possible.

I have one more Muse to fit on this wall for a total of four.  The fifth (and final) Muse will have to hang on a close-by wall, since there’s no room for it here.

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