Poppy Progress No. 1

I decided to start Poppy while waiting for a bead shipment to arrive for Evening Primrose.  I can’t progress any further until I get those beads.  Which reminds me, I should follow up with the store in case they forgot to call me or lost my number.

So far, I’m enjoying stitching Poppy.  I really do believe that having a fabric with a nice texture helps.  Ahem, I’m talking to you Harmony.  I’ve read some comments online about not stitching on anything else after having stitched on Jobelan.  I can understand why.

I also get a little excited about working on a fresh piece of hand-dyed fabric.  I love watching the design come to life.  A piece of art on a piece of art.

I try to stitch as much as I can during the evenings.  I get in anywhere from two to three hours.  On the weekends, that’s almost doubled.

Here’s what I have so far:

My progress should actually be eight days’ worth, but I forgot to snap pictures on two occasions.

I am stitching Poppy on Hand-Dyed Fabric by Stephanie, hand-dyed, “Abyss” 32-ct Jobelan, 2 over 2.


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