Poppy Progress No. 2

Hello readers!  I have to start off with an apology.  My posts have been few and far between.  Unfotunately, I’m struggling through flare ups in my lower back.  It gets so bad that I can’t bare to do anything.  The simplest of things like sitting and standing are very painful.  Lying down gives me brief moments of relief.  I am seeing a new chiropractor with impressive credentials.  I’m holding a lot of stake in her.  God willing she can help alleviate my pain.

Because of my pain, my time settling down to stitch has been next to nothing.  I get a couple of 1/2-hour sets here and there.  Sadly, that time is not enough to put a dent into anything.

Here’s what I’ve managed to do on my better days:

I have spent a couple of lunch hours working on my gridding.  That’s turning out to be a slow endeavour.  I didn’t think it would take so much time. Right now, I’m debating gridding half the fabric.  I can start stitching from the top left corner and work my way down. When I hit the middle, I can grid the rest.

I appreciate you all for sticking around and I’d like to say a hello to my new followers.


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