Fabric Stash

I took advantage of the Thanksgiving Day sale and, after much debate, purchased the following two fabrics.

I chose Secret for Red…

Red on Secret, 28-ct, Jobelan

Red on Secret, 28-ct, Jobelan

…and Storm for dah, dah, dah…I can’t say.  It’s a gift for a friend.  Unfortunately, anything related to this project cannot be shared until the very end.  I don’t think I’ll be getting to this project any time soon however, as I have a project order that I intend to follow.

Storm, 28-ct, Jobelan

Storm, 28-ct, Jobelan

I didn’t want Red to be overpowered by what was going on in the background (fabric), so I chose something that I thought was noticeable enough, yet completely subtle.

I chose Storm because I fell in love with the fabric when I stitched Lyrical on her.  I think the grey/pink fabric will compliment the design quite well.

This time around, I chose 28-ct Jobelan fabric for both.  I typically stitch on 32-ct.  I’ve read in the Facebook groups that 28-ct is a little more accommodating when attaching beads in clusters.  I have found that, on occasion, my beads look bunched up, or just don’t sit as well as I would like.  I’m hoping that the 28-ct fabric will help to rectify that issue.



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