Caprice (Muse) Progress No. 1

I know I said I was going to take a break from my Mirabilia projects and focus on my first Heaven and Earth Design.  Well, I tried it, and I was skeptical of how small the stitches were.  I managed to get five stitches in when I thought, “this can’t be right”.  The stitches were so tiny.  I couldn’t help but think something wasn’t right.

I took to the HAED Facebook page to pose my question, and sure enough, I was doing it correctly.  The majority of people that took the time to respond stated that they stitched their HAED on 28-ct, two over one, tent stitch.  Those that did the full cross stitch did one over one on 28-ct.

Another recommendation popping up in that discussion was the use of additional lighting.  I found that to be an issue as well while stitching.  I felt like I couldn’t see the holes as clearly as I should have, and it made me doubt that my stitches were actually going up and down in the proper hole.  So, I have decided that I need to purchase a lamp to help me with my stitching while I’m at home.  In the meantime, my HAED project will become my lunch project, as I have an abundance of natural light coming in to my desk.

View from my desk

View from my desk

As a result of this setback, I started my next Mirabilia–Caprice.  She’s coming along as a very quick stitch and I’m really enjoying stitching her up.  Here’s what I have done in four sessions:

A comparison of the Day 2 and Day 3 picture shows the extreme difference in lighting.  Pictures Day 1, Day 3, and Day 4 were all taken at work and are a truer capture of the fabric colour.

I am stitching Caprice on Hand-Dyed Fabric by Stephanie, hand-dyed, “Haunting” 32-ct Jobelan, 2 over 2.


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