Fabric Stash

My Thanksgiving Day sale purchase was delivered a couple of weeks ago.  I’m am so pleased with my fabrics.  Honestly, Stephanie has yet to disappoint.  I would highly recommend buying from her.

If you’ll remember, I chose Secret for Red.  Secret is described as “pink and shades of grey”, which is perfect for Red, which includes greys, blues, and reds (although it make look a little bit “purple-y” in the pic).

Secret, 28-count, Jobelan

Secret, 28-count, Jobelan

I chose Storm for my mystery gift.  Storm is described as “shades of grey”, which is the perfect choice for my mystery project.

Storm, 28-ct, Jobelan

Storm, 28-ct, Jobelan

I can’t tell you how pretty Storm is up close.  The picture truly does not do it justice.

Can’t wait to start stitching on these beauties.


8 thoughts on “Fabric Stash

  1. Okay, I’ve probably read this before but for the life of me I can’t remember. Where do you get your fabric from? It is drop dead gorgeous!

  2. I haven’t seen the first one, but I completely agree about Storm. One of my all time favorites – just LOVE it. I ordered if after you used it on one of the muses and it is absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to see how the other one works with Red!

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