From Squares to Quilts

About a year ago, I wrote two blog posts with respect to a couple of stitched squares I was donating to the organizers of a Facebook group called “Xstitch for Those Impacted by the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting”.

These squares would later be turned into quilts, wall hangings, and pillows for the families, school, teachers, and emergency first responders.

As you probably gathered by the name, the group was formed shortly after the tragic incident, for cross-stitchers to “gather” and sign up, and commit to their contributions.

I chose to stitch two squares.  One for Catherine and one for Chase.

Once the squares were received, they were “placed” and made into quilts.  Recently, photos of the quilts were posted in the group.  Here are the two quilts that contain my contributions:

quilt for Catherine

quilt for Catherine (she’s the top left)

quilt for Chase

quilt for Chase (he’s the top right)

I think the quilts came out beautifully, and I hope they provide some comfort to the families for which they are intended.

**Photos are property of Xstitch for those Impacted by the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting and are used with permission from the group administrator.**


2 thoughts on “From Squares to Quilts

  1. This is really beautiful. I contributed a square to Virginia Tech after the mass shooting there and it helped me feel a little better knowing my work could bring some comfort. At least something like this takes a little of the helplessness we feel out of the equation.

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