Caprice (Muse) Progress No. 3

Wow…has it ever been long between posts!  Can you believe I haven’t stitched at all?  Well, not until this past weekend.  I finally picked up my project after my daughter picked hers up once again.

Lots has happened during the time I was gone. A close family member was diagnosed with colon cancer. There were a lot of appointments to get to and a successful surgery (with a brief scare of respiratory failure immediately following the surgery).  Also, I had to put my cat down one week ago due to aggressive mouth cancer.  I was devestated. She was our family pet for 13 years, and I still find myself crying when I look at her picture.  I miss her so much.  What is it with cancer and my family?  It seems like we’re being targeted.  My brother passed away in 1991 due to a brain tumour.  😦

On the bright side, I have been watching some cross-stitch videos on YouTube and I’ve picked up the stitching bug again.  Yay!  I’ve had minimal progress since my last post.  I did manage to finish up the last of the stitching on this project, however.  I’ve started the beading, and so far, it’s going rather smoothly.  It’s like I was never away.

Here’s my finished stitched project minus the beading and a couple of stitching just above each hand.

I don’t normally take progress pictures during the beading stage, so there probably won’t be another update until the project is complete.

I’m already looking forward to getting a start on a new project.  I just don’t know which one it will be.  I will also be stitching some small Christmas ornament type designs for a friend to sell at a church fair closer to Christmas.




7 thoughts on “Caprice (Muse) Progress No. 3

  1. Have been missing your beautiful updates. So sorry about the loss of your cat and the illness of your family members. Hopefully the rest of the year will bring rest and renewal to you.

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