Mystery Gift Progress No. 3

I’ve been making some great progress, and I’ve been meaning to update the blog, but I’ve been so busy at work, I just haven’t had a chance.

I forgot my project at work last Friday, so I didn’t get to stitch at all this past weekend.  Instead, I decided to work on the beading of Caprice, and I’m almost finished that.  I think I’ll need one more evening, and she’ll be done.

Here’s my progress on the mystery gift:

I added a face, and I find that it helps bring her to life.  My next direction is to start work on the wings.

I had a 50% coupon from Michael’s, so I headed over and checked out the price of an Ott light.  It was ridiculously expensive even with the coupon!!!  Price without coupon was $350 something.  With the coupon, I was still looking at $125, which is more than I wanted to spend.  I ended up buying a very cheap lamp (under $20) at Walmart. It has a clamp that attaches to surfaces and the neck can be adjusted. I set it up over my shoulder, and I’m happy with the outcome. It helped make the beading of Caprice easy. I can’t believe the light I was stitching under. How did I even manage that?

I set up an Instagram page for this blog.  It’s regurgitated photos from here.  Feel free to follow me at


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