Mystery Gift Progress No. 5

I’ve been able to work on my cross-stitch more than I was previously.  I took a couple of extra days off when my back needed rest, and I took advantage of that time to make some progress.

Here’s the latest on my mystery gift:

I spent one evening working on back-stitching on her wings and bodice.  I wasn’t able to complete the back-stitching on her face and body, because I didn’t have the floss that I needed. I have placed an order for those from Cross Stitch Expressions, and I’m hoping to receive that shipment soon.  I also ordered charms and any beads that I need to complete this design.

As you can see, I’ve continued to stitch the left side of the design. The bouquet of flowers took two sessions to stitch.  There was a lot of switching colours.

As an update to my last post, the December HAED SAL began, and I have yet to pick up my project.  Not sure if that’s even in the cards right now for me.  Also, I ordered the fabric for Winter White Santa during the Thanksgiving sale.  I’m not planning to receive that any time soon.  Sale orders always take longer to arrive.  I had my fabric selections saved on my work computer, so when it came time to order, I didn’t have them handy (I was ordering from home).  Instead, I recruited the kids, and we went through each of the fabrics in the design viewer (link in the sidebar), and chose the following:

Winter White Santa  on "Enchanted" 28-count Jobelan

Winter White Santa
on “Enchanted” 28-count Jobelan

We were all being silly while playing with the viewer. The kids were selecting incredibly vibrant colours that would have looked a hot mess with this design.  LOL! Upon review of my saved choices, Enchanted was not one of them.  Go figure.

Caprice is still not framed. I’m hoping to getting it submitted soon.


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