Ruby, Progress No. 1

I started a new project.  I haven’t drifted from my Mystery Gift, but I did have an hour to kill and it was easier to bring along this neat, little project versus my larger project.

Two weekends ago, I had to cancel my daughter’s guitar lesson due to bad weather driving conditions.  This past weekend, a make-up session was added to her regular session, giving me one hour to stitch while I waited.  Rather than bring along my Mystery Gift project and supplies, I decided to grab this kit and get a start on it.

This cross-stitch was purchased by my sister.  She had every intention of stitching it up herself for her daughter, but found that she just didn’t have the time (she’s still stuck on her first Gorjuss project).  She asked me to throw it into my rotation whenever I felt like it.  Since I’ve been working on such a large project for what seems like forever, I thought this would be a nice switch up for me.

I quietly stitched away while my daughter had her lesson.  Here’s what I got done in an hour:

Judging by the chart, I should get this stitched up in no time.


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