Mystery Gift Progress No. 10

Yay!  My final progress post for this project.  All stitching is now complete, including the lazy daisy stitches, which I almost looked over.  Thank goodness I quickly read through the back stitching instructions one last time to make sure I got everything.

As I was completing my lazy daisy stitches, the power went out!  Thankfully, it only lasted about half an hour, and I was ready to continue once the power was restored.  It’s been quite some time since I’ve done lazy daisy stitches.  So long in fact, that I had to reference a YouTube video to refresh my memory. My first couple of stitches were “meh”, but I quickly got the hang of it, and they got better from there.

Close up lazy daisy stitches

Close up lazy daisy stitches

I won’t be posting any more updates on the Mystery Gift until the beading is complete.  Once that’s done, I’ll post my usual gallery of beading close-ups.

The final set of photos start at 46.

There were several days towards the end where I thought I’d be finished, but the roses and leaves took much longer to complete because of the confetti stitching. Ah well, in any event, it’s done, and I’m giddy.


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