Winter White Santa Progress No. 2

I’ve been quietly stitching away during my lunch hour and during the evenings after I’ve settled down.  I’m happy with my progress, and at this rate, I think I’ll have him finished in a decent amount of time.  The latest photos are 10 to 18.

Day 18 represents the fabric closer to true to colour.

I finished the beading on my Mystery Gift less four treasures.  I didn’t have them.  I’ve ordered them and am just waiting for the package to arrive. Once I get it, I’ll secure the treasures and submit for framing.  I’m excited to submit her, and I can’t wait to deliver her. She’s going to be quite the surprise for my friend who’s not expecting it at all.


5 thoughts on “Winter White Santa Progress No. 2

  1. I wonder if a picture each day may spur me on as at the moment I don’t feel like my stitching is moving very much. Your progress is good and I will look forward to seeing santa grow.

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