Ballerina Birth Announcement 3

I received the Glissen Gloss that I was waiting for and whipped up the tutus in no time.  As if the ballerinas weren’t already adorable, the adorable factor has been amped up big time!

blue ballerina

blue ballerina

white ballerina

white ballerina

The Glissen Gloss was a bit tricky to work with.  To be honest, I followed the chart at the beginning and then just ended up tacking the tutu any way I saw fit, completely straying away from the chart instructions.  You can’t even tell though.  Works for me!  Also, the starburst portion of the wand was supposed to be another type of Glissen Gloss, but my supplier couldn’t find it for me, so I just improvised and used a DMC metallic.

I will post a follow-up for this project once I have it pressed and framed.  I hope my cousin likes it.


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