Remembrance Progress No. 2

I’ve been quietly stitching away since my last post. I’m also trying to balance my gym workouts with the stitching.  Normally, I stitch during the evening and weekends, but lately, I’ve been going to the gym on weekdays (evenings) and stitching on the weekends only.

There was about a half week where I did neither.  Just didn’t feel like doing anything, but I’m back at it, and I’m happy with my progress.  Newest photos start at day 7.

I took the advice of one of my commenters, and I started back-stitching as I go rather than wait until the end of the project to do it.

I don’t believe an October IHSW linkup has been posted.  We’re heading into the fourth weekend of the month, so I’m assuming it’s not happening?

2 thoughts on “Remembrance Progress No. 2

  1. Looks great! I took a look at this pattern, and it is very similar to the Christmas Angel I just completed, (facing the other way and different colors, of course)… the backstitching was very intensive on my angel, I wish I had done it as I went along!

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