Melody (Muse) Progress No. 1

I’ve been away from my blog longer than I would have liked.  I’m just so busy with work and home life (mom’s knee replacement surgery), that I barely have a chance to get online anymore.

While I do manage to find some time, I’ve been quietly stitching away during my evenings working on Remembrance.  Also, my daughter has had some down time (after she finished The Fox), so I asked her if she was interested in stitching Melody, the last of the Muse collection.  At first she wasn’t sure that she could do it, but the Muse fairies were rather quick and easy stitches for me, so I had every confidence that she could do it.

I already had the fabric and the chart for it.  All I needed to do was pull out the threads.  She agreed, and that’s what she’s been working on over the last little while.

She only had one question for me.  How to work the stitches.  She had only ever worked on two-over-one Aida, so I showed her how to do two-over-two, and she picked it up rather easily.

She made excellent progress, but she did encounter an error in the chart.  If I recall correctly, the skin colour and dress colour numbers were incorrect on the chart, so she stitched up the bodice of the dress and was ready to move on to the skin, when she realized there’s no way her skin colour was the pink that the chart called for.  I did a quick look over and confirmed that two symbols/colour numbers were incorrect.  She had to unpick the bodice and re-do that whole part.

Here’s what she has so far:

The photos labels are not exact representations of how long she has taken to stitch Melody.  I wasn’t really keeping track of how many sessions she’s been taking to stitch.  I kept the labeling the same, so I stay consistent throughout the blog, but these three pictures are the only status pictures I’ve received for this project.

We are stitching Melody on Hand-Dyed Fabric by Stephanie, hand-dyed, “Banshee” 32-ct Jobelan, 2 over 2.

6 thoughts on “Melody (Muse) Progress No. 1

  1. So sweet! I love stitching with my mom, and it is something I hold so close to my heart. She’s doing wonderful! Can’t wait for more updates. Beautiful colors.

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