July’s Amethyst Fairy Progress No. 1

I finished Remembrance, and I dove head into my next project, July’s Amethyst Fairy.  I’m making this as a gift for my mom.  One day we were talking about my cross-stitch and the projects I’ve made as gifts over the years, and she commented that she didn’t have one.  I immediately felt like crap. LOL.  So, I decided to make this one for her.  I chose the July fairy as it’s her birth month.  My aim is to get this done and framed and present it as a Christmas gift. She has no idea this is coming, so this is going to be fun.

For the fabric, I headed out to Gitta’s to have a look.  In my mind, I was prepared to purchase a piece of 28-count, Jobelan, Chocolate Swirl (the one I used in Remembrance), because it’s not too overpowering.  While I was there, I had a look around and saw a greenish, 28-count piece of Jobelan fabric that I thought would suit the project, but when I compared the two, I was “meh” about it.  It wasn’t quite right.

While I waited for the staff to come around to cut the piece of fabric, I continued looking and came across a beautiful piece.  I pulled it out and noticed it was the same colour as the “meh” piece, only it was 32-count.  I loved it so much, I ended up choosing it.  It’s just beautiful.  It’s called Queen Anne’s Lace.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t show up on pictures very well, even in the best of daytime lighting.  Trust me, it is beautiful though and I think it compliments the design colours perfectly.

Here’s what I have so far:

I’ve done a bit more since the last of these pictures.  I’m really trying to tackle all the white in the wings. There are three skeins (or is it four) of white to go through.  I also need to pick up my Winter White Santa, or at the very least, work on it during my lunch hour, so at least I’m doing something on it.

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