It’s Been a While

I apologize for my lengthy absence.  I lost my stitchy bug and haven’t been able to find it, for quite some time.  Until now.  I’m starting a new project.  I’ve ordered it from the UK.  Just waiting for it to come in. From the tracking, I can see it was shipped on September 22.  I’m hoping it arrives soon.  I can’t wait to get started.

My new project is a birth announcement. I think it’s safe to post here.  I’m pretty sure the recipient has NO clue I have this blog.  Stay tuned for the most adorable character/pattern ever.

As for my WIPs, I have Mirabilia’s July’s Amethyst Fairy, as well as Mirabilia’s Winter White Santa.   I also have HAED’s Dark Fairy (which, let’s be honest, will probably never get done).

I will most likely pick up July’s Fairy and start that again while I wait.  However, I’d like to wash it first, so I want to buy a lingerie bag and pop it in the hand-wash/delicate cycle before I begin.  I don’t like the way the fabric is smelling.  It’s not awful, it just smells like food aromas and pets.  Kind of like…stale, for lack of a better description, you know?

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