Somebody Stop Me!

In one my Facebook cross-stitch groups, someone posted about a cross-stitch pattern website they found.

WARNING:  If you are susceptible to buying ridiculous amounts of stash, I suggest you stop reading here.

Go ahead.  I’ll give you another minute to think about it.

Why, oh why, did I decide to take a look?  Someone send help!

So many adorable patterns.  My wish list QUICKLY grew to 52.  Yikes! When do I think I’m going to find all the time to stitch these projects?  In my defense, they did look like rather simple stitches.

Nevertheless, it’s just a wish list, right?  Ummm….I’ve already purchased six of the designs, bringing my wish list down to 48.  Ha ha!

The designs I purchased were instant download.

These are the adorable designs I chose to start with.

Bunnies Brothers by Elena Averina


Bunny with Kerchief by Elena Averina


Cute Bunny by Nadezha Mashtakova


Girl with Flower Balloon by Elena Averina


Rabbit in Love by Anna Petunova


Zebra with a Gift Nadezha Mashtakova

I took a quick look through the charts and, so far, everything certainly seems worth the value.  For almost all of the above, with the exception of one (I believe), the charts contain the pattern in full colour with full-colour backstitch, full colour without the backstitch, black and white with full-colour backstitch, and black and white without the backstitch.

I can’t wait to get these done, but I absolutely have to complete my July fairy before I even considering starting any of these.

On the bright side, I’ve been making significant progress on July fairy.  I’m completely finished the lower half and have now returned back to the top to finish off the wings, her face, and her hair.  Once that’s done, the beading will begin.

Once I start the beading, I may bring another project into the rotation.  Before I purchased the above charts, I had an order figured out. The plan was to:

  • Finish beading on my Christmas Flourishes (I stitched this long ago, but I just didn’t like the way my stitches were sitting. So I left it.  The idea was to completely re-do the whole thing.  However, it’s pretty much complete, minus the beading, and the kids said I shouldn’t bother completely re-doing it, and that it’s good enough the way it is.)  I also have to go through the chart line by line to ensure I have all the stitches in.  This is a major contributor as to why I never picked it up again.  I just wasn’t looking forward to this task. That said, I do think I could get this done better during my lunch hours, because of the lighting and the rulers I’ll need to guide me through line by line.
  • Finish Winter White Santa. It’s about half way stitched, so I’d need to stitch the second half (bottom) and complete the beading.
  • Finish stitching my mystery gift.  To be honest, I don’t know if I’m going to give this as a gift anymore.  If I remember correctly, the baby will be one in January or February.  With the July fairy being priority, I don’t think I’ll be anywhere near close to finishing this on time for his first birthday.

If I do choose to start a smaller project, I will start with the shortest of the above purchases. I’ll have to go through the charts again to see which one I think will be the fastest to stitch up.

If you visit the site and purchase anything, please share with me what you couldn’t resist buying.


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