Cute Bunny Progress No. 1

This weekend, I visited Gitta’s with my cousin and my stitching buddy, Maria (of Cross Stitch Expressions).  It’s been a while since I last visited, and the store was completely rearranged.

This was my cousin’s first visit, and she loved it.  She knits and crochets, and I thought there would be more of those supplies there for her, but Gitta’s carries more cross-stitch related items.  Nevertheless, my cousin loved looking at all the cute patterns, and she really liked looking at the models on display, as did I.  I love to see a finished piece.  It inspires me to want to venture into different subjects (I mostly stick to fairies, ladies, and baby items).

I was able to find all the beads and one treasure that I needed, which I was really happy about. This saves me having to order any online and wait out the delivery time.  I also purchased a new tacky bob to hold my beads.  My current one is a bit older, and it has accumulated my pets’ fur.  I’ve asked hubby to replace the sticky parts with double-sided tape of some kind.

I also took a look at some of the hand-dyed fabrics in prep for future projects.  I didn’t really see anything that spoke to me.  My favourite fabric to stitch on is Jobelan, and I didn’t see any of that at all.

On another note, I decided to start a small cross-stitch to kill some time before my Gitta’s trip (I had a whole week), so I started Cute Bunny (chart purchased from My Bobbin).

I’m about half way done.  This is my progress so far:


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