WIPocalypse 2015

I’ve signed up for WIPocalypse 2015 courtesy of Measi’s Musings. You can read the full details all the FAQs for 2015 here.  On the following schedule, we are to post

Full moon dates and Topics for 2015:
January  5 – Topic: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!
February 4 – Topic: How do you overcome that feeling that you’re in a rut with a particular project?
March 5  – Topic: If money – and time – were not limiters, what projects would be on your stitching bucket list?
April  4 – Topic:  Which specialty stitches do you love doing on projects?  Which do you dread?
May 4 – Topic:  TBD
June 2 – Topic:  Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?
July 2 – Topic:  TBD
July 31 – Topic: It’s a blue moon today. Show us your favorite WIP that features a lot of blue!
August 29 – Topic:  Pick one of the WIP pieces you’ve stitched on this month, and tell us about your stitching journey with the piece.
September 28 – Topic:  Where do you buy most of your stitching supplies?
October 27 – Topic:  Are there any fibers or materials used in stitching that you’re nervous to try?
November 25 – Topic:  TBD
December 25 – Theme: Recap your accomplishments for the year! (Your finishes, your final before/after photos, etc).  Note:  Due to this full moon falling on Christmas Day, I’ll likely not post until the 26th or 27th

So, without further ado, the following is my list for 2015.

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