Definition: Stitchers use a lot of slang terms. One common term is UFO. The use of this term in Cross Stitch Lingo has nothing to do with little green critters. Instead, the term refers to an Unfinished Object. Some stitchers (myself included) have a terrible habit of starting more projects than they finish. ~ Source

I don’t think it’s possible to find a stitcher that doesn’t have more than one project on the go.  Typically, I don’t like to have too many projects at one time, but there are times that I have to set aside a current project to start another.  In most cases, it’s because a dear friend or family member is pregnant and I’ve decided to do a birth/baby announcement for them.

For the time being, these are my UFOs.

Dark Wings by Jessica Galbreth (HAED – Heaven & Earth Designs)

Dark Wings
Artwork by Jessica Galbreth
Design by Heaven & Earth Designs (HAED)

Christmas Flourishes by Mirabilia (Mirabilia and Nora Corbett)

Christmas Flourishes
Artwork by Nora Corbett
Design by Mirabilia

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